3 Best Ellipticals in the $500 range

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3609 Magnetic Elliptical

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Machine is possibly one of the most convenient elliptical machines that you can find on the market. Namely, this elliptical machine is equipped with variety of features that you can definitely benefit a lot from. Anyhow, let’s see all about this amazing machine.

First of all, this elliptical machine will provide you with the ability to train almost anytime anywhere. The maximum weight capacity goes up to 265 lbs which is definitely more than enough to support the large number of users.

Next, the LCD display will enable you to have the full insight into your exercise training. You can benefit a lot from this feature since you can see the time, speed, distance, and even the calories you burned during the training. Also, this machine is equipped with an odometer that will inform you of the correct distance that that you passed.

Furthermore, there are convenient pulse sensors that will accurately measure your heart rate and enable you to know the exact number of your pulse. This feature is quite helpful when it comes to long and hard exercise trainings since you will know when is the time to slow down or to end the session.

To top it all off, this elliptical machine is equipped with quite convenient transportation wheels that will allow you to move this machine easily. Because of these wheels, the elliptical machine has quite good portability which comes very helpful if you need to move to another place to work out.

All in all, this surely is one of the most popular and definitely the most convenient elliptical machines that you can stumble upon out there. With everything that this machine has to offer, you surely will benefit a lot and reach the level of shape that you always wanted.

• Pulse monitor equipped
• 8 resistance levels for the best work out
• Magnetic tension system equipped
• Portable and easy to transport
• High weight capacity of 265 Lbs
• You might experience a wobbly feeling at higher speed

2. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Here we have the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine which is equipped with some special features that anyone can benefit from. Simply speaking, this elliptical machine surely will provide the best work out and allow you to get in shape in no time.

Now, with the seven different programs, that this machine has, you can choose the one that suits you the most and workout in the best possible way. These 7 programs are consisted out of six profile programs and one quick start program. This will allow you to adjust perfectly to the machine and workout without any complications.

Besides that, you will experience quiet and smooth workout since this machine is equipped with high inertia perimeter flywheel. This means that you can adjust the right level of resistance and enjoy your workout routine quietly.

Next, the eight different levels of resistance will ensure that you have the best workout while training. You can choose the level that suits you the most and benefit from the resistance that this machine offers.

On top if it all, there is a large LCD console that informs you about speed, time, RPM, calories that you burned, and distance. In other words, you just have to get up on the machine and start training, and the machine will do the work for you. Also, there is a convenient heart rate monitor that shows the exact number of your heart rate.

These heart monitors are places on the ergonomically designed handles so that you can comfortably workout while the machine measures your heart rate. Anyhow, there are convenient wheels that allow you to transport this machine easily almost anywhere you like.

In conclusion, this machine surely is worth every penny and you can definitely benefit a lot while working out on this elliptical machine. All in all, this elliptical machine holds massive value for the cash and surely is a great purchase.

• 7 different programs for starters
• 8 levels of resistance adjustable with the high inertia flywheel
• Large LCD console shows every parameter of workout
• Ergonomically designed handles with hearth monitors
• Easy and convenient for transport

• The foot placement size is a bit big which can cause a bit discomfort for some people

3. Spirit Fitness XE395 Elliptical

Spirit Fitness XE395 Elliptical machine is possibly one of the best ones in this price range. Anyhow, this machine has some really convenient features that allow you to adjust the level of workout to your own needs. This elliptical is also very highly rated by FitnessVerve.

This elliptical machine is equipped with the bright blue LCD console that is quite large and it goes up to 7.5 inches. Namely, you can read all kind of information on this LCD console such as distance, speed, time, calories burned, and so on. Also, there are two different profiles, one is for muscle activation, and the other one the Heart Rate profile.

Possibly the best thing about this elliptical machine is that it is equipped with incline controls. This means that you can choose from 20 different levels of adjustment which is more than enough for a good workout. Also, you can modify the elliptical pedal pattern to fit your needs.

Next, the remote handlebar will allow you to toggle between resistances and incline. This will allow you to secure workout changes without the need to take your hands off from the handlebars. Also, these handlebars are ergonomically designed to provide maximum dose of comfort while you work out.

As for the stability, this machine is equipped with dual track system that has concave roller wheels. Not only that you can easily move this machine from one place to another, but also, you will be provided with much-needed stability while working out.

• Incline ensures 20 levels of adjustment
• Roller wheels ensures great stability and offers easy transportation
• Bright blue LCD with two separate profiles
• Ergonomically designed handlebars with heart monitors
• Remote handlebar toggle feature

• This elliptical machine is not for people over 220 lbs.

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