5 Healthy Habits of Young Athletes

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There are dozens of young athletes today reaching milestone after milestone. Just because you’re young does not mean you can’t compete in the global stage. You can, but of course, you need the strength, mind power and skills to do it and do it well.

To help you, here are 5 healthy habits for young athletes.

Practice makes an Athlete

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Practice makes perfect. That’s true, but perfect is a long way, a very long way and a year or two is not enough, not even nearly enough. Sports demand discipline and dedication if you want to see your game move up and not stay idle.

Practice regularly and make it a part of your life, not just an activity. Did you know that his Airness Michael Jordan was rejected to play for a varsity high school team? Today, Jordan is recognized as the best player there is and even has his own brand of shoes, Jordan. How do you think he got there? You sure know the answer and now, go do it.

Find Value in Defeat

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Defeat is just not part of the sport, it’s part life. In times of defeat, you are tasked to face the reality that your best wasn’t good enough and that someone is better than you. Will you let that feeling bring you down or will you utilize it for you to be better? The second one of course.

There is value in taking a loss and it’s not the end of the world, in fact, it’s a beginning, no, better yet a turning point. Losing is hard and painful, but it is also empowering. After a defeat, evaluate everything and pinpoint what you were lacking. For some defeats, it’s just that your opponent was better than you or in better condition than you.

From there, you have a basis on what to improve.

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

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That’s right, it is best to find discipline in the diet at a young age. You need the physique, the strength, the stamina, the speed and the durability to be the athlete you’ve always wanted to be. Training and exercise play big roles in this but so does eating healthy.

Learn more about the important nutrients the body needs and stick to eating food that will do you good. We’re not telling you not to enjoy the gift of food. We’re saying eat healthy because eating healthy and staying healthy will go the extra mile for you and your future sports career.

Stay Informed

If you’re into basketball watch the NBA and stay updated with the latest updates in the league. If you’re into Golf, watch the Masters Tournament. Stay informed with the latest news and milestones about the sports you love.

Not only are you entertained and informed, butyou are also educated on the entire concept of the game you love from every angle there is.

Ignite Progressive Competition

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In sports, it is not good vs evil, it’s athlete vs athlete. They say when you’re in the ring or court or field, you should show no mercy. That’s true. But you can show respect and camaraderie.

Competition should not determine who is the best but to help each other better themselves that will result in the best rivalry in the world of sports.

If you beat your opponents, they will then feel driven to better themselves. If your opponent beats you, use that feeling to fuel your desire to be better.

The Media Project has more tips for young athletes out there.

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