The Art of Laws in Sports

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Just like everything else in this world, sports have laws, each and one of them have laws. We categorized those laws in two, Laws for the Sports and Laws for the Game. These sets of rules traced back many years ago are important and need to be embraced by all athletes. It is never too young for you to learn more about these laws.

Laws for Sports

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The best word to describe these laws is legal. These laws are written by the pioneers of each sport in order to bring regulation and challenge. Every sport or league has its own governing body per country but the laws for each sport has been introduced before.

There are rules in basketball, baseball, football, boxing, MMA, chess, volleyball, tennis, ice hockey and for each sport there is.

These are the rules observed in each and every game starting from the equipment you wear to the resources you are allowed to use all the way to the rules handed down by the referee.

Laws for the Game

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These laws were established by the players and the fans who played the game many years ago and to this day.

For example, in a basketball game, it is considered disrespectful when a baller whose team is ahead of many points with the time running out assuring victory pulls up another basket against their opponent.

It is also immoral for an athlete, no matter the sport to step on someone, literally.

It is important to educate yourself even at a young age in the certain laws that apply in the game you play. In most cases of disrespect in the world of sports are carried out by emotions and it is important to always turn the other cheek, admit your mistake and of course apologize.

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