Top Sports Awards

One of your first lessons here in The Media Project. Together we’ll talk about the most prominent awards in sports to date. Only a few athletes received these awards and just like sports, these accolades are timeless and will forever be part of Sports history.

Heisman Trophy (American Football) – NCAA

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Every parents’ dream is for one of their children to bring home a Heisman Trophy from the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football. The award was named after legendary American football coach John Heisman.

The award is given annually to an individual player who showed the most promise in a particular year of collegiate Football competition. Notable recipients are Barry Sanders (1988, Oklahoma State), Marcus Allen (1981, University of Southern California), Cam Newtown (2010, Auburn University) and Herschel Walker (1982, University of Georgia).

MVP Award (Basketball) – NBA

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Most Valuable Player, award, the accolade that stands at the top of the NBA league. This award is given after every NBA season closes its curtain. The winners of these awards are the players who shocked the entire world with their amazing performance in basketball.

Some players who receive this award don’t even make it to the finals during the season they got the award. That is because the MVP award is not measured by the number of wins, but the impact and finesse that player showed during an entire season.

Laureus World Sports Awards

The Laureus World Sports Awards are given to a group of brilliant athletes coming from different sporting games. The award was built upon the principles of sports being handed down from one generation to another that will spark change and inspiration in the global community through sports.

The award can be and is probably the equivalent of an Oscars or Academy Award but for sports. Laureus stemmed from the Greek word “Laurel” that represents victory among athletes.

The Laureus Awards is divided into categories including Laureus World Sportsman of the Year, Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year, Laureus World Team of the Year, Laureus World Comeback of the Year, Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year and a couple more.

The man with the most Laureus Awards is Tennis’s great Roger Federer who holds 6 awards as of today.

Not only the Stats

Most awards are of course measured by statistics or analytics but they are mainly from a player or a team’s massive impact on the league. If a particular athlete or team caused a big impact on his or her sports, then that individual or team is truly on another level.

There are more sports awards out there given to not only adults but to young players as well. But to dream of one day receiving these awards can start from a very young age.