Sports Education for Young People

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The world of sports can be traced back to ancient times. According to historians, the past, war preparation and hunting can be considered sports. It sounds a bit much knowing that these two “sports” involve bloodshed and war.

But then came the competition of strength and people started competing who can throw the spear the furthest, who can carry the heaviest boulder and even battle combat.

With that being said, can the “Gladiator” be considered a sports movie? Anyway, sports have been around for thousands of years and it will remain so forever. With time passing by, new sports were introduced. Basketball in December 1891 was played with peach baskets. Now, you see a massive basketball arena accompanied by 10 pairs of shoes squeaking all over the floor.

For most people, sports are introduced during their childhood, no matter what sport it is. There is such a thing as a 3-year old girl falling in love with the game of basketball or a 7-year old boy wanting to participate in the Olympics’ 100m Sprint and go toe-to-toe with Usain Bolt.

With all of that, we fully understand the importance of sports education for young kids and teens. That is why The Media Project is proactive in providing all the information to help kids better understand the sports they fell in love with.

We want young ballers to understand the concept of basketball from the rules all the way to the statistics board and how every movement on the court is monitored and recorded. We want young footballers to understand the rich culture and history of football, the most popular sport in the world.

The Media Project will also keep a close eye on the different happenings in every sport there is. Which NBA teams made it to the playoffs? Was Tiger Woods able to make a comeback?

He did when he won the 2019 Masters and got the green jacket. Who will reign supreme in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

These items are just the tip of the iceberg of the volume of information we are planning and will distribute to the globe and will inspire millions of kids to go out and train themselves inspired by their idols or are driven to conquer their heroes.

Sports education is not just a learning opportunity but a campaign we want young people to participate in. We provide the information and they embrace it and make it their own. Sport is an integral part of education and the result is Sports Education.

Sports Education is just not about playing the game you love but it also means embracing discipline, passion, teamwork, sacrifice and of course, hard work.